CuriousU Summer School Competition

Nuffic Neso India in collaboration with University of Twente is excited to announce the CuriousU Summer School Competition.

Posted by Nuffic Neso India at May 15, 2019 07:55 AM


Through this summer school competition we aim to create awareness amongst young minds on the importance of Sustainable Development Goals and the positive impact it will have on the future of our planet.




Competition Format & Guidelines:

 The competition is divided thematically. Participants to write essays with three different aspects.

1) Identify an issue in your locality which affects you and identify it as one of the Sustainable Development Goals mentioned above (200 words)

2) What according to you is a solution to  the problem. (300 words)

3) What motivates you to act on such issues. (300 words)

4) Add a photo which signifies your concern. It can either be an image of the issue with you in it or just the image of the issue.


Participation Guidelines:

1) The essay needs to be written in Arial font and shared as a PDF file.

2) The essay along with the image should be sent to 

3) Name, Contact Details, Current University & study program should be mentioned in the body of the email. 

4) Total file size should not exceed 2 MB including the image. 


ELIGIBILITY: Students currently enrolled to a BSc program or 1st year of MSc program can only apply. The participant should be at least 18 years old.  

PARTICIPATION DEADLINE: 31st May 2019, 12 midnight. 

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: 10th June, 2019. 

GRAND PRIZE: 1 winner will receive a wild card entry to the CuruousU Summer School program, which means full waiver of participation fee worth 750 Euros at University of Twente, in The Netherlands. 

SUMMER SCHOOL DATES: CuriousU Summer School will be held from 11th August - 20th August 2019, at University Of Twente Campus, The Netherlands. 


You can find out more information on the CuriousU Summer School Program here 


For any queries related to the competition please get in touch with us at 


Terms & Conditions:

 1. Participation will be rejected if all the guidelines are not followed and if a participant does not meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

 2. No application will be considered beyond the deadline. 

 3. All travel expenses should be paid by the winner of the competition. Nuffic Neso India or University of Twente cannot be held responsible for the travelling expenses. 

 4. The winner cannot redeem the prize in cash or kind in case of an medical emergency or any other unforeseen event,  where one cannot travel to The Netherlands for the Summer School. 

 5. Nuffic Neso India  and University of Twente reserve the right to shorten, extend, suspend the time period of the   Competition or terminate the Competition whenever it should so choose for technical, commercial, or operational   reasons, or for reasons beyond its control or generally for any reason whatsoever within their sole discretion. 

Posted by Nuffic Neso India at May 15, 2019 07:55 AM