Vacancy for Senior Trade & Investment Officer

Publication date: Jan 12, 2018 07:28 AM

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mumbai has a job opening for Senior Trade & Investment Officer

Job title: Senior Trade and Investment Officer in at Economic Affairs section

Unit/Mission: CG Mumbai

Job level: 08

Number of hours: 38

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Mumbai invites applications for the position of Senior Trade and Investment Officer at its Economic Affairs section.

The Job
The candidate has a solid knowledge of the so-called Dutch Top sectors and is able to translate such
knowledge of concrete trade and investment opportunities within the resort of the Consulate General.
Apart from being able to interact in general terms about the strengths of the Dutch economy, our
candidate will have a leading role in advancing the Dutch agenda in a few selected sectors, i.e. ports,
shipping & logistics and related to that port infrastructure development. Specific sectors may be added
to the portfolio or transferred to other colleagues.

Our candidate has a thorough grounding in and knowledge of macro trends in the Indian economy, the
Indian private sector, major corporate players and the strength and weaknesses of India’s small and
medium-sized enterprises.

Our candidate must have demonstrable experience in dealing with Indian ministries and other (semi-)
governmental organizations. S/he has a more than general interest in and knowledge of political
developments in India as a whole as well as in those States that form the resort of the Consulate

Other features of the role of a Senior Trade & Investment officer are:
1. Provide Dutch businesses and institutions with information, draft clear and succinct replies to trade
information request from Dutch companies, be it our multinationals but also our SME’s;
2. Analyse economic developments on macro level as well as on (sub)sectoral level, be able to draft
succinct sectoral market reports;
3. Work with Dutch companies to formulate their India strategy;
4. Analyse proposals for funding initiatives using Dutch (and Indian) financial instruments;
5. Engage with parties to resolve commercial disputes within the constraints that the Consulate has as
a governmental institution;
6. Organise incoming and out-going delegations at a governmental and private sector level. Plan and
execute G2G visiting programs, B2B matchmaking events, trade fairs, seminars, workshops, etc.

The Candidate
Our candidate is someone who needs no prompting to proactively take up initiatives helping Dutch
companies to gain a foothold on the Indian market both in terms of investment and trading
opportunities. S/he is hands-on is willing to roll-up her/his sleeves and does not shirk away from the
nitty-gritty of organizing events, incoming and outgoing delegations, etc. At the core of the job, role is the ability to create meaningful Indo-Dutch partnerships. Hence, we are looking for a candidate who is able to build strong relationships within government and the corporate sector and has an eye for spotting opportunities and is able to leverage them to the advantage of Dutch companies.

Our candidate is an excellent networker and feels at ease both in an Indian as well as in a western/Dutch corporate and governmental culture.

Duties and result areas
Description of duties:
 Assist Dutch companies in finding business partners in India
 Organizing of programs for incoming Dutch trade mission to India
 Preparation of sectoral reports to attract Dutch companies to Indian markets
 Organizing seminars and trade fairs
 Liaise with branch organizations and chamber of commerce to partner with to achieve common

Description of result areas:
 Strong relationships and a wide network;
 Meticulous planning and organization of missions, commercial match-making, seminars and
orientation tours;
 Good communication skills, both written and spoken;
 High integrity work profile;
 Timely delivery of well-executed market scans or potential partner scans;
 Well organized meetings with relevant background information provided;
 Owing to the limited size of the Consulate General, the ability to replace any colleague in the
consulate in any field at any time.

Working environment:
The main geographic focus of work is Maharashtra, but other areas of interest are Goa and Madhya
Pradesh. The consulate operates as one commercial-economic- public diplomacy team: two senior trade
and investment officers, one senior PD officer, two Netherlands Foreign investment officers (Executive
director + senior project manager), one agriculture officer, one Innovation attaché, led by the Consul-
General and deputy.

The Senior Trade & Investment officer will work as a direct colleague with the other Senior trade and
investment officer, they replace one another when needed. The Consulate General will formally
annually assess the performance of the officer and will also take an input from his/her colleagues.

Job Requirements:
Knowledge and areas of experience:
 Higher education at a graduate level or beyond with a good understanding of economic and
commercial principles.
 3-5 years of relevant work experience is required.

 Working knowledge of relevant computer system and programs (Microsoft office).
 Fluency in English and Hindi, both written and spoken. Knowledge of Marathi and Dutch
languages is an asset.
 Good knowledge of the Indian economy, industrial sectors, leading companies in the different
sectors, opportunities each sector offers.
 A proactive work attitude and the ability to work alone and in teams.
 General knowledge of governmental (economic) policy.

If interested in the position, please write to:

Submission deadline: 15 January 2018
Please include a Motivation Letter along with your CV.
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