Selection stages performed by Neso India and Orange Tulip Scholarship sponsors.

The selection process can be divided into the following stages. 

Stage 1: November * 2017 to deadline scheme (February/March / April / May 2018) 
File acceptance and pre-selection by Neso India
Based on the general terms listed on the front page and the specific requirements set by the Orange Tulip Scholarship sponsor, Neso India will pre-selection. Only complete files and meet all requirements will be forwarded to the university or company or the Ministry for further processing. 

Stage 2: February-July 2018 
Review file registration and selection by the Orange Tulip Scholarship sponsor
Each Orange Tulip Scholarship sponsor (university, company, Ministry) will select the registration file that passes the pre-selection stage. This stage is done internally by the sponsor. 

Stage 3: April-August 2018 
Announcement of scholarship recipients
Each Orange Tulip Scholarship sponsor will inform the selection result to Neso India or directly contact the student. The universities informing Neso India will then send the Offer Letter to candidates who pass the sponsor selection. If the candidate accepts the scholarship offer, the Offer Letter must be signed and returned to Neso India. The Offer Letter that the candidate has signed will be sent by Neso India to the sponsor. The next step (eg scholarship agreement, tuition fee invoice, etc.) will be made between the direct sponsor and the scholarship recipient. 

The waiting list and the candidate who did not pass the sponsor selection (unsuccessful candidate) will receive a notification e-mail from Neso India/University

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