Below is a general requirement to apply for an India 2018-2019 scholarship

General requirement

  • Indian citizens;
  • Not studying in the Netherlands or working in the Netherlands;
  • Currently undergoing the admission process or already admitted to one of the universities in the Netherlands OTS participants;
  • Meet the special requirements required by the registered Orange Tulip Scholarship scheme.

Registration Documents

Documents submitted to apply for OTS scholarships differ in each college.

  • Click the name of the university on the OTS scheme page to go to university-specific pages that offer OTS
  • For documents sent to Neso, see the "Required documents" section 
  • Usually you must have to register in advance to the new university can register for OTS. Neso does not provide registration process to university. 
Find the University HERE

Candidates only need to submit registration documents in softcopy form to

Softcopy file:

  • in Word or PDF form
  • each file is given a clear name in English: [document name] - [applicant's name]. Example: IELTS score sheet - Rahul Sharma
  • total attachment maximum 20MB
  • sent via e-mail to  with subject e-mail: OTS 2018 -2019 Application - [scheme] - [your name]. Example: OTS 2018-2019 Application - Radboud University- Rahul Sharma

The general deadline for submission of registration files is April 1, 2018. However, few universities follow different deadlines.

Click HERE to find the deadline


This is a general checklist. Each scheme / course has its own requirements. Please read the explanation in each scheme.

Make sure you receive a confirmation email that we have received your application. Confirmation email will usually be sent 1-2 weeks after delivery. Please call back  or contact our office phone number directly. This is to prevent your app email from being not delivered properly.

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