The Registration Process

Given below are the steps to register to the Orange Tulip Scholarship

1. Find your course in StudyFinder

2. Check whether the institutions and courses you selected are in the OTS Scheme List

3. Learn the information about the scholarship scheme you wish to register. If you meet the requirements, immediately begin the registration process to the university you are going to. Follow the instructions on the university website and send the requested university files directly to the university.

4. Wait for confirmation from the university (e-mail / confirmation online application). This is proof that you have started the university enrollment process. 

5. Download the OTS registration form here , complete the contents and send it to Neso India before the deadline scheme you registered. In addition to the OTS registration form, complete your file with other requested documents, visible on the OTS per university page "required documents" 

6. Wait for confirmation via e-mail from Neso India

Registration documents

In addition to the OTS registration form, complete your file with other requested documents, available on the OTS per university page of the "required documents" section. Additional documents may be required by a particular university or course of study, please check on the respective scheme page.

You only need to submit the registration documents (softcopy) to  (total attachment max 20 MB) 

Incomplete file will not be processed. Make sure the file you submitted is complete.

Make sure you receive a confirmation email that we have received your application. Confirmation email will usually be sent 1-2 weeks after delivery. Please revert to  or contact our office phone number directly. This is to prevent your app email from being not delivered properly.

This is a public checklist. Each scheme / course has its own terms and deadlines. Please read the explanation on the respective scheme page. 

Please note that the University enrollment file and the Orange Tulip Scholarship registration file are two different sets of files.

last modified Oct 19, 2017 01:40 PM