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Orange Tulip Scholarship for masters scholarship program at Vrije University Amsterdam


Study program Master's Degree Program in English
Scholarship information
  • Amount : 2 (two)
  • Type : Scholarship reduction of study fee up to 100% in the first year (depending on study program observe www.vu.nl/tuitionfee )
  • Note : 
    - OTS VU Amsterdam is part of the VU Fellowship Progamme (VUFP) so that, OTS applicants VU Amsterdam is required to also submit VUFP application  www.vu.nl/vufp 
    Prolonged scholarship extension for the second year is possible, candidates must apply directly to the university if it meets the requirements of www.vu.nl/vufp )
Application deadline February 1, 2018

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The VU Fellowship program sponsors the Orange Tulip Scholarships program. It is now possible for excellence students from Brazil, China, Indonesia, South-Korea, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Russia to apply for this highly selective VUFP / OTS scholarship. Students will need to apply for a VUFP scholarship as well. Please read the requirements carefully on www.vu.nl/scholarships

Requirements for applying to a college / program are addressed

  • Academic: min. Bachelor degree
  • English:  see TOEFL iBT or IELTS scores according to the intended course of study
  • GPA / minimum GPA:  access  www.vu.nl/vufp
  • Work experience:  not required
  • Additional requirements :   
    - OTS is part of the VUFP scholarship, which means that prospective students are required to register VUFP simultaneously due to the same assessment committee. Only after collecting a complete application for the VUFP program and scholarship, prospective students may apply for OTS. Information on additional requirements of university website access. Keep in mind, OTS scholarship applications are sent to Nuffic Neso Indonesia while VUFP is delivered to the VU Amsterdam. 
    - Extension of scholarship for the second year is possible, but students must obtain 100% of the required study credit to receive VUFP scholarship in the second year  www.vu.nl/vufp )

Required documents  (sent to Nuffic Neso)

  • OTS registration form
  • Evidence has begun registration / has been accepted into the program
  • VUFP application

For more information about VU University Amsterdam, visit 


or contact:

Bodil Stelwagen 

+31 2059 85357

For information about Orange Tulip Scholarship India, please contact

Nuffic Neso India

Suhas Anantha Ramaprasad


Click here to download  OTS registration form  or if you want to read  Frequently Asked Questions

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