HZ University of Applied Sciences

HZ has around 4,900 students divided over four study years and 23 bachelor degree programmes, eight of which are taught in English. Some 500 students come from outside the Netherlands, so we have a great mix of Dutch and international students. Easy mathematics will tell you that with such numbers, classes are going to be small.

Where students matter

Teachers and staff put great emphasis on individual coaching. Your study coach will help you choose courses and explore your career possibilities. Ask any international student and they will tell you the lecturers and tutors are readily available to assist you when needed. HZ also has the facilities and individual services for students with a disability or chronic illness.

Our professional expertise
As a university of applied sciences, we have positioned ourselves as experts in Water and Land, Tourism and Business, Industry and Logistics. Our international degree programmes are fully in line with these spearheads.

At the top
Every year the ‘Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs’ (Guide to Higher Education) holds a survey of higher education in the Netherlands. Since 2011 – six years in a row - the guide has ranked HZ in the top 3 of multidisciplinary Dutch universities of applied sciences. The quality and accessibility of our lecturers and the small student groups are among HZ’s assets. But also the classrooms, workspaces and computer facilities were rated as excellent.

Bachelor Courses Available


Chemistry is all about experimenting, researching and analysing. Ensure diseases are no longer life-threatening or solve murder cases based on DNA analyses. Do you help drive the world forward? This study programme offers a four-year and a three-year track.

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / EN / Vlissingen


Civil Engineering

Are you interested in building bridges, ports, locks or bikes? With the Civil Engineering study programme, you are trained to become a technical expert in road construction and hydraulics.

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / EN / Middelburg and Vlissingen


Industrial Engineering & Management

The course Industrial Engineering & Management teaches you how to use technology, management and economy in such a way that you will be able to improve production processes or to make organizations profitable or more sustainable.

Full time / 4-year track / EN / Middelburg


Water Management

The earth’s climate is changing rapidly. The main water problems we have to deal with in society are pollution, flooding and shortages. This has a major impact for both humans and animals. As a water manager, you make sure all life on earth can deal with the effects of climate change on nature, the weather and agriculture. This study programme offers a four-year and a three-year track.

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / NL/EN / Middelburg and Vlissingen


International Business

Start your international career with the International Business programme at HZ.

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / EN / Vlissingen


Tourism Management

Can you think beyond borders? The English-language Tourism Management bachelor, where you'll become a pioneer within the tourism and hospitality industry, will be a perfect match for you!

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / EN / Vlissingen


Logistics Engineering

The Logistics Engineering course will teach you everything about all different modes of transport, whether it concerns people or distribution. Would you like to work anywhere in the world?

Full time / 4-year track / EN / Vlissingen

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